Our network

Even as students, the core team of friends-net-work realised that a close cooperation and exchange of information and knowledge leads to unmatched benefits for all. That mind-set has been leveraged by friends-net-work and successfully transferred to the business environment.

IT experts and managers using friends-net-work can locate and connect with exactly those qualified people whom they need for their business. That may be a former employee, a colleague or a manager. Related references and recommendations are invaluable for a recruiting employer.  friends-net-work enables those searching for a new challenge with the capability to find the position that fits exactly with his aspirations. A true "win-win scenario".

To date, the network consists of several hundred experts and managers focused on Telecommunications, IT and Outsourcing. friends-net-work spans from freelance consultants, project managers and department heads of large corporations, to managing directors and CEOs of small and mid sized companies as well as partners in management consulting organisations.

friends-net-work is an active network offering unique access to top candidates and enables an in depth understanding of the relevant domains.